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Core Values:


Citizenship:  We do our share to work cooperatively in making our church and community better.  We respect authority and protect our environment of love giving one another the benefit of the doubt and quickly forgiving when necessary.  

Humility: We submit to God and the leadership within NZT appointed over us. 

Relationships: We invest in the lives of others. We share each other’s burdens and rejoice in each other’s victories. We consider others more important than ourselves.

Integrity: We do the right thing. We do what we say we will do. We tell each other the truth.

Strive for Excellence: We pay fanatical attention to quality and detail.  We exceed the expectations of those whom we serve.

Teamwork: We invite the ideas and opinions of others. We defer to one another’s unique abilities and gifts.  We have authority that matches our level of responsibility.  We rally together for common goals.

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